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The Great MessengersWhy did Moses stutter? What did the Buddha’s mother dream before He was born? Which creature‘s head did Krishna dance upon? What tiny insect saved the life of the Prophet Mohammed? In this series of sacred stories Sarah celebrates the miraculous and fascinating lives of the founders of the world’s religions: stories that have an extraordinary power to transform and inspire us.

The Bag of Jewels A sparkling collection of stories to encourage excellence in personal growth. Patience, generosity, forgiveness, courtesy, truthfulness, could be described as jewels of the spirit. Each of the traditional multicultural stories in this bag celebrates a particular virtue.

Wisdom talesEvery tradition has its “wisdom tales” - deceptively simple stories that have been told through the ages, they can be funny, enlightening and profound. Sarah draws together many of these stories focusing on ancient truths that have a universal appeal and can light the way for our journey through life – but always with a little laughter.

A Love song to St Francis
St Francis of Assisi remains one of Christianity’s best-loved saints remembered for his love of all animals. His life story is even more fascinating: from his upbringing as a spoilt party lover who longed to be a knight, to the pivotal visionary experience that changed his life and set him on a course of poverty and service to humanity. Sarah adds stories of the brothers who joined him, of St Clare and – of course – all those wonderful animal tales.

Ancient Beauty
Baha’u’llah, who founded the Baha’i Faith, was born a Persian nobleman but gave up everything he had to serve the poor and sick. Although He brought love and spiritual energy into the world, Baha’u’llah suffered poverty, rejection, banishment, imprisonment and torture to bring a message of unity to humanity – a message which is so relevant for our times.

Sarah has developed and facilitated a great variety of workshops for adults, children, community, faith and interfaith groups. Please contact her for details and availability.

“Fun, fun, fun!”
“Lovely day, lovely people”
“Pitched at a very good level for participants of different backgrounds with various levels of confidence”
Quotes from workshop attendees

Sarah will also take on special commissions, or research, develop and perform themed stories to meet particular needs.

“Warm and attentive preparation of the stories... you were encouraging, flexible, open and caring throughout…. The storytelling was magical and entrancing and very appropriate to the setting. I was very moved that you had taken so much care to find and tell stories that would be of particular relevance to our evening… very special.”
Suzanne Keys, founder of FATE on ‘Elephant stories from different religions’, launch of Faith Around the Elephant interfaith group

“Ms Perceval’s joyfully engaging story-telling and audience rapport is sheer delight”
Brian Cooper, The Baptist Times